WGC-Cadillac Interview: Freddie Jacobson

March 07, 2013

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KELLY BARNES: Please welcome Freddie Jacobson. You had a great first round, 66, can you just start us off by talking about your round? 

FREDDIE JACOBSON: Yeah, I was hitting it well off the tee, so I put it in play really well all day. Wasn't that happy with my iron play but hit a lot of greens and got a lot of up and downs today, so that was very nice. Took care of the par 5s very well and picked up a couple of eagles, so turned out to be a good day.

Q. Can you just talk about the eagles, how they worked out? 

FREDDIE JACOBSON: They were very similar, both holes, one was on 10 and the other one was on 8, only one hole in between. Both I was hitting 5 wood coming into the green and both holes, and both I was left like 13 feet from the hole. They were pretty much identical.

Q. It seems like the weather was much calmer today than the last couple of days. Was the course there for the taking today, compared to, say, yesterday? 

FREDDIE JACOBSON: This course is playing pretty firm, so if you hit it in the fairway, you're not going to have it not going to be a ton of long shots. Tough thing is if you're in the rough, you don't get any control on the ball from this grass. It makes it really difficult to stop the ball, and also if you miss greens, it's pretty tricky around here. But definitely, you play well, you have a chance to put a good number up today.

Q. Have you been playing this good coming into the tournament or what was the state of your game beforehand?

FREDDIE JACOBSON: Yeah, I've had a pretty good start to the year. You know, it's been really consistent. This is the sixth week in a row for me, so I'm running on fumes a little bit at the moment and got a bit of a head cold going. So I wasn't too sure how I was going to play today. I didn't feel great warming up, so really happy just to get off to a good start and hopefully find some energy and improve a little bit on my iron play.

Q. Six in a row, is that intentional; was that always part of the schedule or because you're playing well and want to keep playing?

FREDDIE JACOBSON: Yeah, that was the reason; the good play early on got me into the Match Play and into this one, as well, and just can't say no when you get a chance to play in these things. Last week, it would have been a natural week off for me but that was my home tournament and I really love to play there, so if it was anywhere else, I would have pulled out when I got into the Match Play, but I didn't want to do that playing at home.

Q. Ernie Els said a couple of days ago, this could be a birdie fest if the winds don't blow. Could there be a real low score if the winds doesn't come up? 

FREDDIE JACOBSON: It always seems like there's a few guys shooting pretty low. Always seems to be about 15 under to have a chance to win it, and some years they go into the 20s. So you know, we know that you've got to put a few really good scores to be in the mix.