Accenture Match Play interview: Stewart Williams

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February 20, 2013

WGC-Accenture Match Play transcript archive

DOUG MILNE: Stewart Williams, certainly the man of the hour today. We'll just turn it right over to you and let you jump in, what we saw, what we experienced and what we're looking at from here.

STEWART WILLIAMS: Well, I had a great feeling that it was going to show today, it just started a few hours earlier than I thought it would. I think we got between an inch and two inches of snow at the maximum, and obviously with 70 degree temperatures yesterday the ground is still warm, so I think a lot of that is starting to melt away.
We did start the day with temperatures in the upper 40s this morning, and as soon as that rain started and it quickly turned to snow, temperatures bottomed out at 33 degrees. Being in elevation here at 2,800 feet and the snow level dropping to 3,000 feet, I knew we were pretty close to having a snow event this afternoon, and it actually worked out that way.
I think the worst of the snow is probably over for us now, but we still have the upper load that's going to go over us later this afternoon and into the evening, so we'll still keep the chance for scattered snow showers in here well into the evening hours, and after that it should clear away and then we'll just be cold for a couple days after this.
Tomorrow morning temperatures look like 33, 34 degrees, so whatever is lingering around will stay there. We'll probably have some frost issues, as well. But we will warm back up tomorrow in the mid 50s, so tomorrow will be a lot better day than today.

Q. What's the expected start time for tomorrow, and it sounds like there's delays for standing snow that might not melt overnight?
I don't know that they've figured that out yet as far as start times. I know Steve Carmen and Mark Russell were going to get together and talk to TV and everything and try to hash out what the plan is going to be tomorrow. I know that'll be upcoming here in a little bit. But I just don't know what that is yet.

Q. Will snow be standing tomorrow morning on the ground?
There still may be some lingering snow. Depends on how much more we accumulate this evening. Like I said, the worst is over, so if we can get the sun to pop out this afternoon, I think that'll melt a lot of this away and help us out.

Q. How unusual is it to have one to two inches of snow in mid to late February here?
Well, it happened two years ago, so this is the second time in three years that it's happened. Last time it happened it snowed late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, and we played an extra match on Saturday to plan for that, and it actually worked out pretty well because we got an inch or two back then, too, and then it melted by 11:00 and I think we started at noon and finished the matches on time as scheduled. So that worked out as planned, and it went really well.
But unfortunately this one, timing wise, being on a Wednesday, really didn't help us that much.

Q. Can you explain what the process is like during the course of the day, your communication with officials here? Is it every half hour, every 10 minutes?
We've got radio contact, so it's real time, just when but unfortunately I can tell when it's going to start snowing, but it's all up to the course at that point. So they make that call as soon as the course becomes unplayable, so it was strictly their decision.

Q. Do you come into an event like this thinking maybe you'll have a light week compared to some other places?
I'll be honest with you, I worked the last two weeks and I had a light two weeks, so now I'm paying for it today. But it happens. For every good week we have we're going to have a bad day or two, and that's just the way it is on the PGA TOUR. We have a day or two every week that has weather, and unfortunately we just can't get seven days all the time.

Q. So after today any potential issues for the rest of the week?
The biggest potential now for the rest of the week is going to be just our frost potential in the mornings, and then obviously we will be slowly warming back up. So we'll stay in the 50s the next couple days, back to the low 60s on Saturday, and then probably upper 50s again on Sunday as another little weak front goes by. But it doesn't look like it has any moisture with it, so it's just going to drop our temperature a few degrees. Unfortunately we'll have below normal temperatures for the rest of the week, but at least we'll have some sun.

DOUG MILNE: Stewart, thanks for stopping by.

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